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cokesprite [userpic]
by cokesprite (cokesprite)
at December 17th, 2009 (12:50 am)

emotion: curious

I was wondering... would I be able to put up NAUGHTY Lewis/Wilbur pics in my livejournal journal? I mean, not even Deviant Art allows me to put up what I want to put up when it comes to these two...

It'd be great if you could answer for me! I mean, come on, you'd get to see pretty sexy pictures if I got to put em up online!


Posted by: Life without knowledge is death in disguise! (riot_fox311)
Posted at: December 17th, 2009 06:28 am (UTC)
Yum (Hentai)

I have naughty pictures in my livejournal albums and I've never gotten flack for it (but I'm a little low profile too XD). I think so long as you flag your posts containing naughty pictures as "Adult Content" or whatever, you're fine. =D (PS- Let us know if/when you find a place to post them :P)

Posted by: cokesprite (cokesprite)
Posted at: December 17th, 2009 10:08 pm (UTC)

Lol. Well, I'm sure "they" even check the profiles that aren't so big. :P I've actually come up with an idea to post a decent version of the picture of Deviant Art and then in the "Author's Comments" section, I'll paste a link to the original (and very naughty!) drawing. :P Can't get in trouble that way! Whoo! I'll be sure to tell you guys when it's all set.

Thanks for the help.

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