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at January 9th, 2009 (06:49 am)

Title: Splinters
Pairing: Wilbur/Lewis
Rating: PG-13 for sweaaaaaaring.
Warnings: Swearing, spoilers and timecest/incest/whatever the cool kids are calling it now-a-days. Also, un-beta'd. D:
Summary: "He’s tried to think about it in as many logical ways as he possibly can; in terms of x and f(x) (where f(x) = attraction); in terms of velocity, gravity, the amount of force required to spark attraction in teenagers who are related to each other."
A/N: Written for juunbug because she is amazing and because today is her birthday. :D Happy birthday! ♥ Also, concrit = ALWAYS WELCOME ;A;

(fake cut)